Urban & Country BBQ

(Dame la Brasa)

Rebranding of an American meat restaurant that uses smoke as the main ingredient for its urban boutique version

In the world of restaurant design, we’ve seen it all in American cuisine.

Dame la Brasa is barbecue, yes. But it isn’t chorizo ​​and bacon. Or hamburgers and chips. It’s an authentically American experience that we’re lucky enough to enjoy just because the Dame la Brasa team decided to devote themselves to it. Right here, in Madrid. The product is both fun and mouth-wateringly delicious: meat that has been smoked over many hours at temperatures of 110–140 C, served in a sandwich with homemade sauces. A great option to brighten up the lunch hour of the more adventurous denizens of downtown Madrid.

The logo finds its inspiration in the firewood of the barbecue. The lettering ‘BRASA’ is composed of stylised pieces of wood, while the script typography and the arrangement of the whole logo harks back to the traditional American diner aesthetic.

The ‘slow food’ concept, a key attribute of the brand due to its cooking times, is present in the visual identity through a ‘firewood loader’ that reminds us that everything tastes better cooked over a slow fire.

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Dame la Brasa

Dame la Brasa offers a genuine American barbecue experience, with food cooked over hours at low temperatures. Since 2016, they’ve provided their delectable grilled and smoked meat, fish and vegetables at events, on request, or at their restaurant in the mountains of Madrid.