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A multi-service graphic design studio

At Cocota, we’re all ears. We really listen to what you need, and then we take all the work off your hands – from shaping visual identities to designing packaging to creating digital experiences.


Brand identity

We express what makes you unique

Brand strategy

We design brands that talk to real people, create emotional responses and have a clear purpose.

Strategy really comes into play in these big projects. We use interviews, questionnaires, customer journey maps and other methodologies to generate solid data as a starting point for our work. We’re not just satisfied with something pretty – we want actual results.


If you can't pronounce it, it doesn't exist. We use a naming methodology and our creative flair to create memorable names that propel the strategy of your brand.

Whether descriptive, abstract or suggestive, your name behaves like a good wine: getting better with time, giving it the opportunity to soak up the values of your brand.

Voice and tone

How do you write a WhatsApp message? Are you the brief and polite type, do you use a truckload of exclamation marks, or are you the proud creator of your own emoticon language?

We create messages to communicate the personality of your brand based on your strategy. The right tone will help us adapt those messages to different situations and to regulate their intensity.

Visual identity

Your visual identity is so much more than a logo. It’s a language that makes your branding unique – your font, the graphic elements that go with it, and the relationship between those elements …

We design a graphic system that allows you to express your brand through all your contact points!

Brand identity manual

Every project has a unique personality, style and tone ... which evolve over time. Visual identity is all about consistency and coherence.

A brand identity manual ties everything together, making sure anyone working with your brand knows exactly how to use it. We can create these from scratch or take existing ones to the next level to cover new channels like digital, video, illustration or iconography.

Brand activation

We create stunning applications

Editorial design

Do you love the smell of a new book? In the digital era, converting your brand into something tangible is an added value. Paper connects directly with emotions and creates a relationship through touch.

We design reports, white papers, catalogues, magazines, books ... And yes, we can also make a digital version!


Your box, bottle or label will compete with dozens or hundreds of similar products at the point of purchase. Being one more of the bunch isn't an option.

We go beyond traditional packaging design codes with two objectives: catching the consumer's attention and convincing them with a solid experience designed just for them.

Environmental graphics

Design helps us connect with the surrounding environment. We infuse identity into spaces to make them speak your message and we guide people through them.

We take part in the design of graphics and signage for retail spaces, offices and exhibitions.

Communication campaign

So you’ve designed your unique, brilliant visual brand. Now you need to get out there and make some friends. No problem: we help you design specific communication concepts coherent with brand positioning and identity that catch the eye and get the job done.

We don’t leave anything to chance: whether for a commercial campaign or the communication of an event, we adapt the concept to all your contact points to make sure each action makes a splash.


Every piece of communication is a chance to connect with your users and showcase your amazingness! We transform abstract concepts into specific applications that attract the consumer’s gaze.

  • Illustration and infography: we inject your brand with personality and give your presentations some razzle-dazzle with the help of illustrations, visual maps and iconography.

  • Photography: we take good care of your image and define your visual codes.

  • Video and animation: we produce educational and corporate videos and 2D and 3D animations.

  • Copywriting and editing: we shape your texts so they do justice to your offer.

User experience (UX)

We design enjoyable websites and apps


We take pride in designing digital products that speak to real people and are good for your business. We put our analysis and research hats on to understand the user’s needs and lifestyle as a platform for an experience that hits the bull’s eye every time.

Usability and accessibility

No one likes to walk the longest and most tedious route to buy their groceries. In the same way, different website users have different goals, and we show them the easiest way to achieve them. To make this possible, we build the information architecture, navigation flow and visual layer.

Our challenge: to create accessible digital products for everyone, regardless of their physical, cultural or social context.

User interface design (UI)

We believe in a beautiful and functional world. On screen, that means aesthetic and intuitive interfaces that work to the satisfaction of our clients and their users.

We build attention to detail, consistency and human contact into our highly customised design approach.

These interfaces can take the shape of online stores or e-commerce platforms, corporate websites, microsites, landing pages, intranets, apps and more.

Interaction design (IxD)

Every time you ‘like’ something on Instagram, or click on an element on a website, or fill out a form, or even just receive an error alert – there’s interaction design at work behind the scenes.

We design the behaviours of each and every single element of an interface – behaviours that are intuitive, user-friendly and satisfying. We humanise the user-to-machine relationship by exploring new ways to interact.

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Rafa Vivas – Creative Director Spain & LATAM at Xplane

Thanks to Cocota, we’ve enriched our projects. With great accuracy in graphic design and even greater reliability in visualisation solutions, Cocota’s meticulousness with the projects we entrust to them isn’t just visible in the end result but at every step of the way. We’ve rarely collaborated with anyone who devotes as much care and attention to their work.

We don’t have a design unit dedicated to branding. That’s what started our relationship with Cocota. And the more we worked with them, the more we discovered their versatility, broadening our collaboration to very diverse areas: visualisation, design consulting, infographics and training.

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Trade & Retail Marketing Manager at Havaianas Europe

There are several reasons why Cocota has become one of our main collaborators at Havaianas Europe. They are an extremely organised design studio, which is very important when launching a campaign with very little time in different countries and working with teams that speak different languages and come from different cultures. They carry out intensive monitoring without dropping their guard on details and respect timelines and deadlines. The design team is creative, agile, proactive and friendly; they’re always flexible and open to new suggestions.

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Cristina Borge — Marketing Manager at Kinepolis

Cocota is a design studio that has become a very important partner for us in helping to communicate our brand to our users. They contribute with a creative and strategic direction that is clear, straightforward and focused on results.
They’re a great team of professionals who are very easy to work with thanks to their dedication and client orientation.

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About us

A small graphic design agency with big values

We believe that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Honesty, effort and dedication are the essence of our work ethos. Because what gets us up in the morning is knowing that what we do injects functionality and beauty into the world and creates memorable experiences through design for all kinds of people.

We team up with you

We want to partner with you in a bubble of trust, admiration and respect, working towards a common goal. We believe in communication as the basis of any process and we enjoy creating transparent and honest messages.

We explore and test

Curiosity and continuous learning define us. We keep motivated by trying new problem-solving methods and looking at projects from different perspectives. We believe that researching, questioning the status quo, testing and pivoting are key to success.

We help you grow

We help you define a strategy that is adaptable and fits your project needs like a glove. And we’re there with you every step of the way – because we love seeing a good plan come together.

It's all in the details

We love final polishes, commas that make sense and pixels in their place. We develop effective solutions based on solid concepts, where every element present is relevant. Our best reward is knowing that the job we’ve done is top-notch.

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