Several boxes in detail with the packaging design of the unique zero-jewels jewel made by cocota studio

Única Jewel

(Zero Jewels)

‘Techie’ packaging for an intelligent jewel.

‘Your partner gives you a gift. You open a velvet box to discover a beautiful …’ Sound familiar? Maybe you thought it would be a ring, or a necklace, or any other piece of jewellery. Zero Jewels goes one step further, allowing you to gift memories along with a gorgeous piece of jewellery. That’s what we focused on to identify the heart, mind and soul of the project: jewellery, technology and emotion.

The Única necklace is a smart jewel that can store memories in the form of image, video and audio content, and revive them when desired. All you need is to have your smart necklace close to a smartphone with NFC technology, and the stored memories will magically appear on your phone.

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About Zero Jewels

Zero Jewels in a Spanish start-up that creates smart jewellery, integrating technology with aesthetics. All jewellery is designed and produced in Spain with top-notch materials.

NFC Function

Packaging as an experience

Knowing that the packaging design was going to be a key differentiator between traditional jewellery and Única’s necklaces, we decided to approach it as a high-end technology product. We defined a clean and sophisticated aesthetic, boosted by a neon colour flash.

We paid special attention to the ‘unboxing’ experience, designing a box that unveils several layers. The outside sleeve slides off smoothly, revealing two symmetrical satin paper sheets delicate enough for the beauty sector. The box also contains an information booklet and, underneath, a compartment with alternative cords on which to hang the pendent to complement the outfit of the day.

Another nod to the technology world is the way the silver and rubber customization elements are tied up just like charging or earphone cables in premium technology products.

Unboxing experience

A living symbol

NFC is a wireless data transfer protocol that enables communication between technology objects in close proximity – in this case, between a smartphone and a chip inserted in a necklace – without the need for an internet connection. But this goes beyond technology, to transform a piece of jewellery into an object with life and memory.

We designed a geometric pattern that incorporates both the necklace’s spiritual and technology aspects. This halo, inspired by the ancient ‘flower of life’ motif, phases in and out of focus just like memories do.

Caja con el nuevo diseño de packaging para Zero Jewels de la joya única hecho por cocota studio
Box with new packaging design for Zero Jewels of the unique jewel made by cocota studio

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