Gifts in Wills


An evocative gift destined to live on and inspire gift-giving in wills.

Ever made a donation? Making the decision probably looked a bit like this: something inspired you to make a donation ... you let the feeling pass ... something brought it up again ... you mulled it over ... and you finally took the jump.

When we got the commission to design an informative postal mailing about UNICEF Spain’s Gifts in Wills programme, we discovered that the decision-making process was a whole lot lengthier for this type of donation. The reason? While leaving a gift in a will to an NGO is fairly common in other countries, it’s relatively unknown in Spain and so understandably hits up against some scepticism.

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UNICEF, a United Nations agency present in more than 190 countries, defends the rights of children in developing countries, focusing on improving their health, education and protection. UNICEF Spain is present in 17 autonomous communities.

Cover with the new brand image for the diptych Unicef solidarity will by cocota studio
Corporate design of the interior of the diptych for the Unicef solidarity testament campaign by cocota studio
Detail of the unicef gift design for the solidarity will campaign by cocota studio

The challenge

The key was breaking through the scepticism and encouraging people to call and ask for information. But UNICEF knew that this wouldn’t be an easy call to make, and would only happen after considerable time spent pondering the idea. So what we did was include a universally useful gift in the mailing that would serve as a reminder long after the envelope was opened.

The gift

We looked for an item that wouldn’t get thrown away, something both useful and fun. But it also had to be inexpensive and small enough to fit through a letterbox.

After testing out different options, we landed on the ‘plantable’ wooden pencil: once you’ve finished using it to write with, pop it in a pot and watch the beautiful plant grow!

The idea of giving a new life to an object after its original lifespan was a poetic reflection of the campaign’s spirit of legacy and its slogan: ‘Lives that bear life’. And it achieved the goal of finding an object that would be kept around the home to act as a reminder.

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