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UI design and corporate website development with an experimental tone and a functional cut, for a brand leading the tattoo revolution.

Taking as base point the new Musotoku identity, which we created and activated through the design of Musotoku’s new packaging, we got involved in the redesign of the brand’s website, with the goal of communicating both its technological values of power an innovation and its industrial and aeronautical aesthetic.

The distinctive white strip of the Musotoku packaging came to live digitally in this website, keeping company to the user throughout their navigation. Focusing on micro interactions and neat animations, customized cursors and a typologized product display, we created a recognisable visual ecosystem with black and white contrasts with neon colors, 3D product renderings, an incipient spatial inspiration and a typographic treatment according to the brand - which includes monospaced typography alluding to technology and its industrial character. The narrative and tone of voice complete Musotoku’s brand identity, accompanying the user throughout an organic experience (UX) with a personality all of its own. A cocktail combined with nostalgia from the 8 bits era.

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About Musotoku

Musotoku is a brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of tattooing tools, inspired by military and aeronautical technology. With its popular power supply, its flagship product, the brand focuses on both design and technology to offer robust and high-quality products that enhance the skills of the tattoo artist.

detalle del diseño de packaging diseñado por Cocota Studio para Musotoku

We designed an online speed tester that allows the visitor to compare the voltage and speed performance of four of the most popular tattoo machines when using a Musotoku Power Supply.

The brand communicates one-to-one through a very intuitive and direct form, with messages that reflect the service-oriented and accesible nature of the brand.

The most active community of Musotoku users is focused on Instagram. This is why we decided to include user’s valuations and testimonies with a look and feel that resembles to the app’s chat. This allows us to transmit reliably the feedback received through the social channel.

We made 3D renderings of each product. Inspired one more time by high-end technology and aeronautics, we used black ond starry backgrounds, satellite-like surfaces like carbon fiber or titanium, and environments that gave products a weightlessness-sensation.


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