diseño de cartel con la imagen de marca con familia de kinépolis hecha por cocota studio

The Ultimate Cinema Experience


Visualising the magic of a versatile multimedia centre.

Like us, Kinepolis see the beauty in simplicity ... as a springboard for awesomeness! In one of their cinemas, you won't just see a good movie – you'll get a whole sensory experience. It's clear that innovation and customer service are at the heart of Kinepolis's philosophy, with their state-of-the-art cinema technology, massive range of blockbusters and live performances, and pleasingly enormous facilities.

For Kinepolis's promotional campaigns, our focus is on conveying – whether directly or indirectly – the added value of the cinema experience they offer. We strive to communicate the power of emotion through the concepts of magic, surprise and adventure.

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About Kinepolis

Kinepolis have developed an innovative cinema concept that more than delivers on their promise to ‘reinvent cinema’. They run 109 cinemas across Europe, Canada and the USA.

poster brand design with cinema price in kinepolis made by cocota studio
cartel de kinépolis con diseño de marca hecho por cocota studio
poster with kinepolis brand design for the oscars 2019 made by cocota studio
kinepolis ticket vouchers with the new corporate identity design made by cocota studio
posters with the new kinepoles brand design on the fnac exhibitors made by cocota studio
kinepolis christmas poster with a brand design made by cocota studio

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