Havaiana Sandal with the design for the campaign in EMEA image made by cocota studio

Equity Campaign


Spearheading the EMEA campaign of the iconic Brazilian flip-flop brand.

Havaianas, our summeriest client, asked us to design their EMEA campaign. Five of our designers worked hand in hand with five of their project managers for seven months.

We studied Havaianas’s global campaign to devise a regionally tailored concept for use by their partner agencies in EMEA.

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About Havaianas

Havaianas is Brazil’s best-known brand globally, distributing their flip-flops, with their distinctive ‘rice grain’ textured soles, to over 100 countries.

Advertising poster with the new corporate identity design of havaianas for europe made by cocota studio
Corporate design exhibited inside havaianas stores made by cocota studio
Exterior part of a havaian store with its new corporate design for europe made by cocota studio

Point of sale

Havaianas stores are well known for their colourful window displays. Creating an eye-catching visual that displayed the products while keeping the interior of the store open to daylight was no piece of cake, but we came up with a concept that could be applied to any kind of shop window – whether narrow, wide or with 3D graphics. We also designed point-of-sale materials such as promotional objects, free-standing displays and banners for the company’s stores and wholesale spaces.

Adaptation of the havaianas corporate design campaign for europe by cocota studio
poster of Havaianas and Cocota Studio working together as a team made by cocota studio
Poster with the explanation of the work of adaptation of the design of havaianas to the EMEA stores made by cocota studio.
Explanatory poster of the European design campaign for havaianas made by cocota studio
Explanatory signage with corporate design for a campaign made by cocota studio in EMEA for Havaianas.
Signage with corporate design for Havaianas made by cocota studio


The season catalogue was a key piece to showcase Havaianas’s new collection. We took our inspiration from Instagram to reflect the company’s fresh and youthful spirit.

Havaianas seasonal catalogue with the new brand image made by cocota studio
Corporate design exhibited inside the Havaianas catalogue by cocota studio
Sandals within the catalog with the new corporate design of Havaianas made by cocota studio

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