Global Report


Accessible editorial design for the global report of Amadeus IT Group, an IBEX 35 company that provides technological solutions for the travel industry

Since 2020, we’ve had the pleasure of overseeing the design and production of both the English and Spanish versions of Amadeus’s global report. The report is ‘global’ because it combines the content typically found in both a sustainability report and annual report.

The Amadeus Global Report, which provides detailed information on economic, social and environmental issues, is developed over eight months and in coordination with various internal teams and external collaborators.

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About Amadeus

Amadeus provides IT solutions to the global travel and tourism industry, with a footprint in 195 countries and a worldwide team of more than 11,000 people.

Editorial design identity

With such a wide portfolio of services and products, taking an audience through Amadeus’s business with photos is challenging. So we came up with a grid of images that would provide flexibility, allowing us to capture not only the most literal concepts of ​​the business but also the emotions linked to the traveller experience.

Accessible design

In the 2021 edition we also led the project’s accessibility angle, creating an accessible design PDF that complies with Level AA of the current EU Web Accessibility Directive (EN 301 549), the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and the PDF/Universal Accessibility standard (ISO 14289).

To achieve an accessible design, we worked on two levels. First, we defined the visual aspects, creating contrasts and using colour to make the content easy to understand for all users, including people who don’t recognise shades of colour easily. Second, we worked on the invisible layer, tagging and structuring the PDF and adding descriptions to the relevant visual content so that any user can easily navigate the content with the help of a screen reader.