Faster Displays

(Faster Displays)

From cardboard to technology: corporate website design that uses 3D and scrolling animation to elevate the product and communicate its benefits.

Let's talk about cardboard displays for supermarkets. A sector of a lifetime that may not sound very sexy at first glance, and in which Faster Displays has managed to stand out thanks to its creativity, environmental commitment and a revolutionary design patent that provides extremely high resistance and allows the displays to be mounted on in the blink of an eye.

After years of growing inside and outside of Spain, Faster Displays turned to us seeking to express in the digital world what the company had managed to build from its laboratory. Our challenge in this project was to create a website that would amplify the message of innovation, elevating its products and communicating them in a clear, attractive and unique way. 

To achieve this, we decided to present the displays as true technological products — a product with so many qualities deserved, without a doubt, to be the protagonist in the design of the website. We provide a digital and innovative aspect to all the components of the page: from its floating menu to its refined mobile version.

In order to create an attractive narrative around each of their products, we chose to recreate the displays in captivating 3D renders, with an elegant and futuristic white color, and present them in an equally minimalist interface. We use the power of animation to tell the story of each product and highlight its benefits: from compact packaging to customization, through ease of assembly, resistance and sustainability. The visually appealing and dynamic approach is complemented by carefully chosen movements contingent on the user's scrolling.

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Faster Displays

Faster Displays designs and produces cardboard displays for the point of sale. FSC certified and present in more than 25 countries, they have an innovative patent and a high commitment to the environment.

Encouraging a sense of discovery and surprise is key to any story. To do this, we decided to reveal the typical colorfulness of supermarket displays and the diversity of shapes that Faster Displays offers little by little, as the user delves into the history of the product. The landing pages of the four displays share a structure but at the same time adopt their own identity. Their stories evolve from less to more, providing a satisfying sense of progression. As a result, we achieve a pleasant and different user experience, which promotes a long duration of the visit to the web and the subsequent memory of the product.

The final challenge was to convey the context of the products from the first glance at the page. By moving the displays away from their usual environment, it was crucial to clearly communicate the product’s function to the user. Help them understand immediately that we were presenting displays for stores and supermarkets whose usefulness is to promote brands of beverages, food and other products. We started off with content. After strengthening the messages and strategically designing the content structure of the website, we incorporated products into the displays: bottles on the main display, and glasses and tetrabriks on the table. We accompany the most complex displays of elements typical of a supermarket, such as shopping carts, which help to communicate its scale. Added to these details is a gallery of real applications for each product and some photographs illustrating its use in supermarkets, to clarify any possible doubts.

The Faster Displays website has become an exciting visual testimonial to their revolutionary product, generating an immediate brand association with R&D and leadership. With a modern design, dynamic interactions and a clear communication of context, we managed to convey the unique essence of Faster Displays and its commitment to innovation, sustainability and quality. It is possible that some lover of technological gadgets is seduced by these displays… 😉 Explore the Faster Displays website and be surprised by what cardboard can achieve.


Creative direction, content strategy, UX and UI design: Cocota
Development: Ophion
3D: Guille Llano
UX Writing (Spanish): Lourdes Muñoz
Typography: Swiss Typefaces