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Power and innovation.
Identity and packaging design for a brand leading the tattooing revolution.

Designing for designers is always a rewarding challenge. When David brought the Musotoku power supply – his top product – to the studio, it was love at first sight: the innovative personality of the brand created an instant connection with us.

A big part of our job lies in defining the positioning of the brands we collaborate with, bolstering their differentiation against their competitors – and in that area, Musotoku had really done their homework. Having an amazing product, a powerful value proposition and the courage to push forward with focused expansion, now Musotoku needed help to express their brand through their packaging and to refine the unboxing experience. We rolled up our sleeves and began a packaging design project that turned into a complete overhaul of the brand.

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About Musotoku

Musotoku is a brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of tattooing tools, inspired by military and aeronautical technology. With its popular power supply, its flagship product, the brand focuses on both design and technology to offer robust and high-quality products that enhance the skills of the tattoo artist.

We quickly realised that the team had already grasped our brand personality from our preliminary chats and that, by seeing our work, they were able to step right into our shoes. They had an instinctive feel for what we needed.

David Barroso, CEO at Musotoku

As is usual with companies in their consolidation phase, David wanted to be sure we would understand his needs, work with care and professionalism and create the designs he needed to take his brand to the next level – while taking a load off his shoulders and freeing up his agenda. Together, we decided to approach the project in stages so we could gradually develop a relationship and get on the same page. We worked as a team with the common goal of putting Musotoku’s customers first, which helped us get over the unavoidable initial uncertainty and build more trust with each session.

An experience in sync with the product

You’re a tattoo artist. You’re at the studio, you receive a package, and you prepare to open it. It’s the Musotoku power supply! That high-end technology gadget created for the best tattoo artists and that you’ve decided to buy. Your expectations are high, and this is an opportunity for the brand to meet – if not exceed – them.

In the world of products distributed online or through third parties, there is no better contact point than packaging to serve as brand ambassador, endorsing its qualities and imparting impressions on different levels. Packaging creates the context in which customers discover the product – their product – and connects with their subconscious through what we call ‘intangibles’.

In this case, we needed an unboxing process as outstanding and thoughtful as the brand, and one that would convey its essence and add nuances through the use of texture, sound, colour and material. We wanted to produce an experience, making the tattoo artists feel like this was a gift created just for them – and that at the end of the experience, they’d want to keep the box.

A bold design

The Musotoku power supply embodies power, creativity, professionalism and technical perfection. It’s evolution and revolution. And these are the product features we wanted to convey in the packaging through design.

To the visual stimuli generated by the design, we added tactile stimuli through an easy-to-handle format and the pleasant soft-touch finish of the box, reinforcing the message that it’s a premium product.


A minimalist and flexible identity

Respecting the original rectangular shape of the logo, we reworked the typography and emphasised two of the brand’s key values: technology and innovation. We transformed the outline into a dynamic and flexible element, bursting with personality.

The result after all these weeks has been fabulous. We’re very happy with the designs Cocota have created for us. We’re in a much stronger position than before in terms of our visual brand identity, and now we can keep creating material – and with less effort – thanks to the design guidelines. We feel confident to be working with a team that, like us, is doing something they’re passionate about and experts in.

David Barroso, CEO at Musotoku

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