cover of passports-brochures with the new brand image design of the art institute of chicago made by cocota studio


(Art Institute of Chicago)

A premium brochure to highlight exclusive trips.

The museum of the Art Institute of Chicago organises exclusive trips every season for their Sustaining Fellows, the people who keep the museum live and kicking with their generous donations. This series of passport-brochures were designed to serve as itineraries and invitations to join the trips.

Each brochure was designed with its own Pantone colour theme and ‘stamped’ with previous trips, just like a real passport! For a touch of luxury, we produced the covers from a double-sided linen paper and added shiny silver embossing.

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About the AIC

The Art Institute of Chicago’s collection holds around 300,000 works of art, ranging from ancient art to contemporary creations by today’s foremost artists. Its visitors number 1.5 million annually from around the globe.

art institute of chicago travel brochures with new corporate design made by cocota studio
art institute of chicago travel brochure with new corporate identity defined by cocota studio
Brochure with the new corporate image of Kinepolis designed by cocota studio
Brochure in the form of passport of the art institute of chicago with new brand design made by cocota studio

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