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An interactive, parallax website that lets the user control the pace of the story.

Every Christmas season, we create a visual message for URSA’s communications team to thank their employees and stakeholders for their hard work over the year. The focus is always on collaboration and sustainability.

For this year’s message, we took users on a journey by making them scroll down the website. We used rich media to build an interactive website focusing on the benefits of URSA’s products – comfort and sustainability through better insulation – and emphasising the importance of the people who make this possible.

The website was translated into 25 different languages and was shared with URSA's employees and stakeholders around the globe.

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About URSA

URSA is one of Europe’s top insulation companies, manufacturing glass mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) for residential and non-residential buildings. Headquartered in the centre of Madrid, the company has 13 production sites in 8 countries and a commercial presence in around 50 markets around the world.

Design ux in three dimensions of the web christmas for ursa made by cocota studio

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