Exterior of the museum of the suit

Emerging Design Month Fashion Exhibition

(Museo del Traje)

A glimpse at the future of fashion design with an evolving visual identity concept.

Madrid’s Fashion and Textile Museum (Museo del Traje) asked us to design a visual identity for the dynamic Emerging Design Month. This annual, month-long exhibition is dedicated to promoting the work of Spain’s most talented young fashion designers and has an innovative and experimental flavour.

The museum wanted an identity that reflected the talent and diversity of the show and that was flexible enough to evolve with every edition. And there’s nothing we like better than working on flexible visual identities, so we were thrilled to accept the challenge!

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About Museo del Traje

Madrid’s Museo del Traje boasts almost 30,000 attire pieces, ranging from medieval fashion and costumes to garments by some of Spain’s most exciting contemporary fashion designers.

Design of the invitations to the exhibition of the month of the emergent design by cocota studio
Detail of the brand image design of the exhibition of the month of the emergent design by cocota studio

We merged the classic and charming essence of the museum with a deliberately experimental tone. We achieved an engaging effect by combining a serif font used for every edition with intertwining lines that take the form of letters and mutate in form and appearance year after year.

The flexibility of the system, the fluidity of the forms and their application to textiles is a nod to fashion and the pioneering spirit of this temporary exhibition.

And to top it all off, we get to celebrate a new opening every June!

Poster exhibition of the museum of the costume by cocota studio
Corporate design exhibited in the exterior windows of the exhibition month of emerging design by cocota studio
Poster of the exhibition month of the emergent design by cocota studio
Brand design for the costume museum made by cocota studio
cartel del MTD en la calle con un árbol de fondo, diseño de marca hecho por Cocota Studio en 2019

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